3 years of blog posts just gone

We all know the concept of backups. And I did a frequent backup of my blog. Some of us know the concept of disaster recovery. And I once in a while download the backups to my laptop. No we also know Murphy’s Law: When something goes wrong….

My Laptop got stolen two months ago. Bad but I recovered my data from my backup. Last week, some of our servers at our hosting provider blew up. It must have been a true disaster. But also for us because the second storage unit with our backups blew up too. And the archive data have not been put back after I setup my new laptop.

Nothing to recover – well from an older machine the data from 2013. Ok so I had also that experience – and now I know how it feels if documents from like the past 3 years like some hundred blog posts are gone for ever.

OK I know the CIA and NSA have copies of everything but they won’t help me – I guess….

Thanks for checking back here once in a while.


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