I get excited by creating something that is of value to others. I feel good when I can inspire people to do what they love and gain a higher level of success. I relax the most when I have time to sail on the ocean. I very much enjoy being a world citizen call planet Earth home.

Other than that I do what I love and connect with those who love what I do :)


My mantras:

“Do what you love and focus on those people who love what you to”

“Responsibility is something you won’t be given unless you take it”

“Speed is more important than perfection”

“You will never get a reward for taking – but easily for giving”

“You know you are getting old, when you spend more time protecting your assets than risking them”

by Axel Schultze


“official bio”

Axel Schultze is founder and CEO of Society3 a Swiss FINMA and US SEC compliant Capital Marketplace for growth stage companies and startups. First in providing investors a way to sell startup stocks and exit anytime. Pre investment growth stage accelerator for top performance. Prior to Society3 he was founder and CEO of Silicon Valley based BlueRoads, one of the most successful Channel Management Software companies, where he invented a new method of lead distribution and was granted patent 9514997 by the US Patent Office. Before that he was founder and CEO of Infinigate one of the largest IT Security provider in Europe, (today over $200 Million in revenue). In 1983 he was founder of Computer 2000, the most successful European computer distributor, which grew to $5 Billion in revenue and merged with TechData in 1998.

Axel Schultze is also a published author of “Channel Excellence” a comprehensive book about channel management, won the SF Entrepreneur Award in 2008, chaired the SaaS Channel Committee at the SIIA, was an early adviser of LinkedIn in 2003 one of the first executives authoring a blog, a beta user of Twitter


Wappen_120x88I once traced my family history back to 1609. It was an interesting ride through history. The most interesting discovery was that entrepreneurship seems to be in my DNA. My grandfather founded an aluminum manufacturing plant after he founded a leather production company. My great grandfather owned a coffee production company and his father had a wood furniture company. His father did something else, he owned a hotel – or what ever it was called in 1700. Going farther back was difficult enough to get names and birth dates, I found the names of the 10 or 12 children but not exactly the job they had. One however must have been the mayor from Hanover (German). The name Schultze = Mayor and the horse in our family shield is actually the horse of Hanover.


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