I love reading – but even more writing

I liked car races – but I loved to race myself. I rarely watched ski competitions, but loved to ski myself. More than any of that I liked to listen to great discussions, but it is my greatest joy to discuss great topics with the smartest people in the world. I believe that is why I love reading, but even more writing. Needless to say, one actually requires the other. A good book can be amazingly inspiring I just need to control myself to not start writing after the first chapter I read. :)

Bubble Memory

Magnetic bubble memory Technology, explained

MAGNETIC BUBBLE MEMORY TECHNOLOGY was my very first book. Published in 1981 while I was product manager for the Bubble Memory Technology at Rockwell International. The technology was used in the Space Shuttle and other NASA projects. But it was soon replaced by silicon based non volatile memory chips.

Channel Excellence

Building a highly competitive indirect sales channel

CHANNEL EXCELLENCE first edition was published 2007 and puts over 15 years of global experience with indirect distribution channels in the high tech industry together. It contains success stories, failure, best practices, guidance for building a channel and more. The second edition is in the making and should be ready in 2019.

Advanced Entrepreneurship

Beginning at nothing

ADVANCED ENTREPRENEURSHIP  takes quite a radical view on the core success pattern of entrepreneurs. The book is not yet published and may be ready end of 2019. With only 0.007% of the population, entrepreneurs are a very rare species and their super powers go way beyond the super powers of any fairy tail hero. The book describes mainly the development of an entrepreneurial mindset, what made most of the top companies so successful, leadership aspects of successful founders, and why those entrepreneurs usually are multi millionaires after the first 5 to 7 years after founding.


Our grand children will live a fundamentally different life.

MEGASHIFT.AI  is exploring what may happen in the next 50 years and how technology will influence humanity in many ways. It’s not published but maybe ready early 2019. The book will show how we will create amazing and almost unthinkable opportunities, yet also serious social challenges for those who are less fortunate in their social surroundings and education. In the end, with the inception of Artificial Intelligence, we also begin an all new era of self determination, much more fulfillment in our activities and a much higher degree of autonomy.