My mantras, philosophy and my way of life


Do what you wholeheartedly love and look for people who love what you do
(It’s a modification of what Confucius said once: “Seek a job you love and you will never work a day in your life”). It took me a bit to understand how I could survive by simply doing what I love. Soon realizing that there will always be people who like what I do when I do it with all the passion I have. So I only have to look for them. With that you actually cannot fail.


Responsibility is something you won’t be given unless you take it
It’s what I told new team members joining any of my companies. I never liked people asking for more responsibility. They were simply asking for more authority that they apparently did not have on their own due to lack of other skills.


You’re most successful when helping others to succeed“.
I always found it interesting when people try to grow their career by keeping knowledge close to their chest, or keep others down to shine. With 26 I learned that sharing knowledge and ideas broadly and helping others to succeed beyond their believe made me to the fastest growing manager at my company, a 75,000 employee US tech giant.


The future is the only time period we can influence
We can learn a lot from the past, but we cannot change it. The only time period we can influence is the future. And the further out it is, the better we can influence it. The irony of time is that it doesn’t matter if we can or cannot predict the future – we still can create it. Without that skill there would be no house, no car, fridge, no TV, no Internet… 


Mindset is your ability to set and manage your mind“.
Our mind is one of the most extremely powerful instruments in our “Arsenal of Life”. Everything humans achieved in the last 75,000 years was based on some peoples imagination and the mindset to just make it happen. By today we learned a lot about setting and managing our mind. We control our thinking, decide who we let influence our thinking and decide the values we want to consider when we process our thoughts.


You will never get a reward for taking – but easily for giving
It sounds like a philanthropic aspect. Not really – once we understand to implement that thinking in our businesses, we experience outstanding successes. And on top of all, we can experience a sense of fulfillment. The little free things here and there, free to try, free t use, an extra here and there, a personal note, a helping hand… are the things any business can ‘give’. It still sounds giving with an expectation to get – but if you do it for years it actually changes.


Speed is more important than perfection
The times are long gone when we where competing on product or service quality only. Today, those qualities are a given. Speed in responses, delivery, action and reaction is where we can truly differentiate our businesses. Speed became the most relevant quality to most of our customers. Perfection is the biggest enemy to speed.


You know you are getting old, when you spend more time protecting your assets than risking them
When I saw countries like the USA struggling and on its verge to collapse, I realized that nobody made a substantial mistake. But the system that was created alienated risk taking and favored protection, alienated open minds and favored conformism, alienated experimentation and favored strict rules. All set to protect what was achieved. That mantra / rule, equally applies to any organization may is be a country, a company, an association, a family or an individual.



Influence is your ability, attracting people to what matters to you the most“.
The natural hunger of influence makes most people try to push some thinking onto others to stand out themselves. Yet that never worked anywhere. However attracting people through inspiring engagement for a cause or project that really matters to one – can influence the world.


Don’t think about what to write – write what you think”.
During my tenure at the Social Media Academy I noticed how hard people worked to come up with content to share or communicate, that makes sense to others. My own experience taught me that people are more interested in what you think than what you are actually communicating. I began to just write about what I think and no matter how trivial it became interesting. It’s not the complex scientifically proven method you may talk about but why things matters to you – that people maybe interesting in. 


Uniting language to one, is the first step in uniting the world“.
My entire life would be radically different if I didn’t have learned English. Without language we can only learn by observation or doing, we cannot learn from the past and we cannot share how we predict the future. With the English language we can reach 1.2 Billion business people in roughly 150 countries, with Spanish less than half in about 10 countries, with French, Russian or Portuguese roughly half of Spanish and German, Japanese, Korean… can be considered local languages.


The wealth of a country is inversely proportional to its level of corruption“.
The wealthiest nations of the ~200 souverain states are those who care about their entire society the most. Their leaders learned that their own wealth depends on the wealth of their nation. Today a worker in Germany is wealthier than any of the German kings in the past – while the wealthiest people in Germany have more than all Kings on earth combined ever had. Corruption is not a way to fill somebody’s pocket but prevent them and all others to become really wealthy.


War is the surrender of the intellect“.
If ones intellectual capability runs out of capacity, they engage in war. And every single citizen is part of that responsibility.


Digital aggression and destabilization is the new warfare“.

Developed nations no longer get attacked by cannons and bombs but by far more subtle weapons like online stimulation digital penetration, opinion intrusion and more. These new weapons no longer cost lives but can cost the wealth of entire nations. The pattern is already very visible: intrude a country digitally, divide the nation into opposing parties and let them fight against each other. Best examples include the brexit in the UK, the refugees in Germany and the yellow vests in France.


Becoming rich can’t be a goal – but the result of achieving an important goal“.
People, who are focusing on getting rich are all very poor – without exception. Becoming rich is not happening for seeking this easy way of getting there, instead rich people are those who made an enormous effort to bring some improvement to the society. The result of achieving their goals is wealth. 


You can become or get what you want, after you decide what it is and don’t change your mind for two years or more“.
Those who know what they want, why they want it and keep the thought highly active over a long period of time – without even wondering how to achieve it – will eventually get there. The best way to handle the mindset, is to alleviate any logical thoughts, concerns, risks, impossibilities and so forth out of the process.

How they got created

All of my mantras have been documented after I applied the behavior over and over again. It helped my reduce the thinking to a one or two sentences and made the communication much easier. Once I felt I won’t change them, I simply put them up on my website and/or shared them with my team.

Success, Leadership and Competition are dedicated to my business live and pretty much all my employees knew them.

Fulfillment and Staying on top have been created in the 2008 2010 time frame, after I retired and helped others think about their future.

Language is more a statement of understanding, helping my startups from all corners of the earth that language, especially speaking English is the key to any success.