Innovation is dear to my heart. It is the ART of technology. Creativity at its best – and when done right useful for millions of people. But it is also the CORE ENGINE of any economy. There is a direct correlation between innovation & entrepreneurship on one side and prosperity on the other side. Highly innovative nations are the most prosper. I founded the World Innovations Forum to contribute to the development of innovation and entrepreneurship in all nations.


Being an entrepreneur almost all my business live and coming from an entrepreneurs family, I can’t help support other entrepreneurs as good as possible. After my wife and I decided to step down as entrepreneur and no longer build our own companies, we decided to help others build their companies.

We started the San Francisco Accelerator in 2014 in San Francisco and ran six badges so far. We are very proud of the companies we worked with and realize that the otherwise high failure rate of entrepreneurs can be reduced.


Humanity and the whole world is in great danger for as long as I live. However, all I ever experienced has been some ditches here and there but otherwise amazing enhancements and a superb evolution. When I look into the future I see changes that are grander than anything I’ve seen before – yet I see quantum jumps in terms of advancing humanity and the quality of our mother planet that I often refer to as paradise instead of earth. I’m known by people close to me that I’m pretty good at predicting the development of technology and the correlating social evolution. My new book “World With No Work” will provide some scenarios and some rather likely development for the next 25 to 50 years.

Why I don’t spend my time on the beach

Probably the most often question I get from young people at any startup event in any nation is: “Why do I work so hard instead of laying at a beach?”

  • Hard work was never my thing. At age 26 I decided to never work a day in my live and I of course still do that today.
  • What I do today – and in the past – gives me a purpose that is simply greater than just existing.
  • Helping others to thrive is one of the most satisfying moments for me. And I did that even back in the days when I was running my businesses.
  • Work to me is doing things I care less about, do it only to make money and actually don’t like it. It is the most unfortunate situation a human can put themselves into. Yet the worst thing is that we still tech children to do exactly that and ruin their entire live.
  • Teach your children to do what THEY want, whatever it is. Teach them to find out what they really like. Help them to make their own decision with the influence of others – except some inspiration.

Join me and engage

We learned not to ask for help, to avoid creating any reciprocal obligations. This is very unfortunate and maybe we can begin to change this. Let me start.

I need your help to help others

I’m sure you are super busy and need to focus entirely on your business.
I know the feeling. But then I learned from an unexpected source, how important help others no matter how busy I am – I learned that from one of my investors.
No he was not worried to wast his money by wasting my time. He was worried that I loose the bigger picture by only focusing on my own world.

If you want to engage in any of my activities I would love to get to know you.

  • Spreading the word

    Help me spread the word for our work. Join our online meetings if you can to better understand what we do. Let us know what you would do to solve some of the grand challenges entrepreneurs have.

  • Contributing Content

    Do you have something to say that might be helpful to others? You may contribute to any of our blogs, maybe contributing to the books I write or events we run. You may want to speak here and there or otherwise shed some light in the mysteries of innovation,entrepreneurship, the changes in our world and the opportunities of our future.

  • Support & Mentorship

    We have more questions than answers. Maybe you can help in our forums or groups or you may want to mentor young entrepreneurs. We cannot get enough successful entrepreneurs who give back and help the generations to come.

  • Jack of all trades

    You can help – literally around the world – wherever you live. We need helping hands to organize events, connect with people, helping local startups thrive, helping governments get additional insights, helping executives bringing their enterprises in alignment with the future  —  and on and on and on. :)