Sailing is my biggest passion outside my business sphere. Here: On our way back from San Pedro California in the Los Angeles basin, up to San Francisco. This cove is a paradise. And it is one of the most relaxing and inspiring anchorages on the pacific west coast.

Shipwreck beach Zakynthos, Greece


Paradise is a unique place in our universe which is unmatched within a vicinity of at least 1 Million Light Years. Paradise becomes a state of mind once you realized this paradise is planet earth.

You decide

Many are looking into the most wonderful future mankind ever had. Only a few are fearful and rather look back.

My Four Favorite Mantras


1Do what you love and focus on those people who love what you to



2Responsibility is something you won’t be given unless you take it



3Speed is more important than perfection


4You can become anything you want, but only after you decided what you want to become.


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