Being an entrepreneur almost all my business live and coming from an entrepreneurs family, it was obvious that one day I will support other entrepreneurs to become successful as well. After my wife and I decided to no longer run businesses ourselves, we decided to help young entrepreneurs build their companies, like we have been helped by mentors and investors to build ours.

Living for about 20 years in Silicon Valley, we started the Society3 Accelerator in 2014 in San Francisco and ran eight badges so far. Since the beginning we have been blessed with a 50% success rate, measured by external follow on funding of our portfolio companies. We are very proud of the companies we worked with and realize that the otherwise high failure rate of entrepreneurs can be reduced.

During these years, the direct correlation between innovation & entrepreneurship on one side and prosperity of the nations where entrepreneurship & innovation is embraced became very apparent. Highly innovative nations are the most prosper in the world. We founded the World Innovations Forum to contribute to the development of innovation and entrepreneurship in all nations, creating independent, self propelled economies.


Innovation has captivated my interest since I was a very little child. At age four my father gave me a concertina. Being extremely curious I cut it open to see what’s inside. It was interesting to see the metal pieces but nothing worked. When my mother found out she was about to be very angry, I was told, but my father stopped her as he was very impressed about me trying to “sneak into this device to find out how it works. All that was left for me from this scene: It’s OK to find out everything. My very first ever written blog post was about innovation.

Innovation is the ART of technology. Creativity at its best – and when done right useful for millions of people. Most importantly it is the CORE ENGINE of any economy on this planet. 

Eventually I decided to find out what innovation really is, how it is made, where is comes from and when innovation s really innovation. My first book about innovation, “Innovations Paradigm” was more or less a collection of all thoughts, findings, relations, experiences and effects from innovation I could find. On one side it touches briefly on the 12,000 years of innovation history and on the other side takes the latest understanding from neuroscientists how ideas get formed and composed in our brain. It became the base material for my second book (in the making) “Your Innovative Mind”.


The ability to innovate is the only speciality humans poses to survive, and powerful enough to create our own future. Neither speed nor muscle power is given to us that would make us a player in any part of the food chain. Humans have no body armor like other “normal” animals. But our brain is constructed in an amazing way – like no other living being has. Humans maybe the best bet nature has to make life survive beyond the live time of earth.

After the agricultural revolution about 12,000 years ago and the industrial revolution just about 250 years ago, humankind is at the verge of yet another revolution in the next 50 or so years, the intellectual revolution. With a far better understanding of our own body, how our genetic system works and how our brain works, we have a chance to do or create things that are seemingly impossible today. 

With the understanding, that humans cannot really create ideas out of nothing but compose ideas based on previous experiences, I came to an amazing counterfactual: “We can do anything we can imagine“. Our own research and understanding how our brain composes ideas, gave us the inspiration for methodical ways to help people compose ideas and actually create innovation, like we began to farm 12,000 years ago or produced products 250 years ago. Society3 Group started as an accelerator program for innovative startups and today helps any kind of business create their future.

Want to engage?

Explore the World Innovations Forum Foundation and consider engaging to either help your country to thrive or help other countries to emerge.

Maybe see what we are doing at Society3 Group and how we help businesses from any industry to innovate and contribute amazing solutions to our global society.

Or simply get in touch and share your ideas, your vision, your dreams about the future of live, the world and the universe.

What’s on top of my mind these days?

Hanging out at one of the most beautiful beaches in the world? Maybe later at age 140 or so :)

  • Finding like minded people, helping get developing and emerging countries out of poverty through accelerating innovation and entrepreneurship keeps me up.
  • Because we are helping young entrepreneurs to become successful business people, we are neither seen as a development aid organization nor as an organization serving the public good. We are seen as an organization driving business and that is not considered a charitable activity.
  • Getting out of poverty requires all the newly graduating young people to get a job. Jobs however, can only be created by companies. Companies in turn are for profit and don’t get supported. As a result we produce well educated people and then send them into a non existing job market. The consequence is massive migration.
  • We all, have to learn that profitability is not a dirty thing for some big a** rich people but the mechanism to get prosperity and off of poverty.

Our politically, socially and religiously organized developed world actively produces poverty every day. Not willingly but distorted through our systems that prevent necessary actions, just because they appear to be not generally attractive.