Companies or initiatives I’m involved in

World Innovations Forum

The World Innovations Forum is my core engagement, a philanthropic project, helping spark innovation from within a country and create a self propelled innovation economy. We work with volunteers from nearly 30 countries who all contribute to that vision and working on making it a reality.

San Francisco Accelerator

Founded 2014 in San Francisco, the San Francisco Accelerator, operating globally today, works with representatives in 27 countries and helps young entrepreneurs to build exceptional companies in their country – driving a self propelled innovation economy.

Startup & Scaleup Investor

I’m investing in Scale-Up and Startup companies. Here is my investment focus, selection schema and overall strategy: Tech and tech related segments. Brilliant teams with a bold yet mindful ambition to change the world. Long term investment holding all the way to an IPO.

Megashift . AI (Book)

Assuming that unlike in the past, where new jobs were created with the inception of new technology, this time the new technologies are autonomous and won’t need a lot of people managing them.  Autonomous trucks, no longer need truck driver. Autonomous operating production systems no longer need worker using them but working on their own. Autonomous, AI and 3D printing based home builder no longer need construction workers. Autonomous financial analytics systems no longer need bankers. However, Artificial Intelligence is boosting not only entirely new jobs but a whole range of new industries. Megashift.AI isn’t exclusively  about AI, it is giving some perspective on the dramatic acceleration of dozens of all new industries. The new Innovations Age with dramatic parallel development power is the first time period in human history that brings “the next big thing” forward on a daily base.

Advanced Entrepreneurship (Book)

Writing this new book about advanced entrepreneurship. It’s not the conventional “how to do a startup successfully” type of guidance. This book is about what the most amazing entrepreneurs did or do to build a disruptive, global, billion dollar company in nearly no time – no matter where they came from, no matter what school they visited and who their parents were. It’s about having a super compelling vision, creating a disruptive business model, going to market with nearly no marketing budget, driving daily growth like there is no tomorrow, taking the company to global markets and getting all the funding they need to make it happen.

Infinigate Cyber Security Group

I co-founded the company in 1996. With the new Internet in mind we created the first equity fundraising platform webstock and planned the IPO in 2000. Timing was against us.  With the Internet bubble burst, we took a small technology development out of Infinigate, stepped down as CEO and moved to Silicon Valley to grow is as a new company Blueroads. Today I’m a board member of Infinigate helping to take the next hurdle and go for the $1 Billion revenue marker.

Blockchain Valley Ventures

I’m an investor and board member in BVV helping identify amazing startups and bring them to an ICO, IPO or whatever means of capitalization to fulfill their vision.

Channel Excellence (Book)

First published in 2007, this book is about building an excellent indirect sales force leveraging independent distributors, tens of thousands of retailer, system integrators or brokers. In this 2nd Edition, I did some minor updates, and added some important new chapters: “Channel Economics” and “Zero Margin Distribution”, showing the channel of the future and how Blockchain may play a very significant role.

XeeMe – Digital Presence Card

XeeMe was a pet project a few years ago, creating a digital online summary. It shows all the digital identities somebody has and where they can find on or connected in. We grew to about 1.5 million users within a year.