Companies or initiatives I’m involved in

World Innovations Forum

The World Innovations Forum Foundation represents my philanthropic engagement, helping accelerate innovation and entrepreneurship in developing and emerging nations. Here we want to inspire young entrepreneurs to develop a self-propelled economy from within the given country and not directed from the outside. We work with volunteers from nearly 30 countries who all contribute to that vision and work on making it a reality.

BlueCallom Neuro Innovation

BlueCallom Corp. is a Neuro Innovation Technology company. Influenced by neuroscience and how the brain composes ideas, the company is replacing conventional brainstorming, random experimentation, pivoting, and hoping for any outcome with methods that lead to a manageable innovation process. BlueCallom’s Deep Innovation Design model includes Innovation Opportunity Discovery, Neuro Ideation, Idea Validation, Innovation Financing and ROI, Innovation-to-market, Innovation Scaling, and six other methods. Businesses can invite an unlimited number of customers and partners to partici[ate in the innovation creation.

With thousands of data points aggregated in each BlueCallom project, a very comprehensive set of KPIs is made available by the system, bringing predictability to the process. Executives get consolidated innovation progress data from any number of simultaneous projects in real-time.

Infinigate Cyber Security Group

I co-founded the company in 1996. With the new Internet in mind, we created the first equity fundraising platform Webstock to raise funds and later planned the IPO for 2000. With the Internet bubble burst, we split the company into a tech arm, which became BlueRoads in Silicon Valley and kept the distribution going in Europe. Today I’m still on the board of Infinigate helping to take the next big step go for the $1 billion revenue mark.

Innovations Paradigm (Book)

Innovations Paradigm gives stunning new insights, methods, examples, and guidance to innovative thinking, and consciously created disruption. The author, Axel Schultze draws from latest discoveries in neuroscience, experiences from top innovators, and research of disruptive business model behavior. He has over 20 years of experience with innovative and disruptive business creation as a Silicon Valley entrepreneur himself and as startup mentor and investor to nearly thousand companies from over 30 nations on all continents. His six years of experience as one of the most successful accelerators showed one of the highest impact efficiencies in the world.

Breaking All Rules (Book)

The startup world is growing at phenomenal rates across the globe. Opportunities are plentiful, and there is so much to innovate and improve that almost all founders have a huge chance to get their business taken off. Yet less than 10% make it – and with the growing number of startups, the success rate declines. People learn to read, write, calculate, learn about history, biology and philosophy. Yet, no school on earth teaches what entrepreneurship really means, how an innovative idea gets created and how such innovation is successfully brought to market. The author, a five-time entrepreneur, is not claiming to have an all-encompassing answer – but tries to answer the most burning questions of young founders.

This book is about what the most notable founders did or do to build a disruptive, global, billion-dollar company in nearly no time – no matter where they came from, no matter what school they visited, and who their parents were. It’s about the traits most entrepreneurs have in common. It’s about breaking the rules, ignoring what was or is, and relentlessly creating a new future

Channel Excellence (Book)

First published in 2007, this book is about building an excellent indirect sales force leveraging independent distributors, tens of thousands of retailer, system integrators or brokers. In this 2nd Edition, I did some minor updates, and added some important new chapters: “Channel Economics” and “Zero Margin Distribution”, showing the channel of the future and how Blockchain may play a very significant role.


I’m investing in Scale-Up and Startup companies. Here is my investment focus, selection schema and overall strategy: Tech and tech related segments. Brilliant teams with a bold yet mindful ambition to change the world. Long term investment holding all the way to an IPO.