You have an idea and want to build a startup but don’t know how to make it take off. I guess this is my best summary without telling you step-by-step. Step by step is a good technique to teach workers to do an excellent and repeatable task. A terrible help for entrepreneurs.   Wanting to […]

Somebody asked me an interesting question on Quora, and I thought I share my answer here: QUESTION: Could business be on the precipice of an automation explosion? Precipice? No. Automation is on a “normal” exponential growth. INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION The degree of Industrial automation (meaning production) in Europe and several Asian countries is at over 80% […]

Neben unserem Haus ist ein Kindergarten. Da wird geschrien gestürzt, gemalt, dummes Zeig gemacht. Dann geen sie zur Schule da wird ruhing gesessen, manmuss aufpassen und tun was Lehrer sagen. Später im Gymnasium oder wie auch immer es heute heisst muss viel gelernt werden. bis es einem zum Hals rauss hängt. Learn & Repeat ist […]

This was an interesting Question on Quora: Do entrepreneurs really “create wealth”? The money they earn already exists beforehand and would have gone to other pockets. That’s not “wealth creation” but “wealth changing hands” Yes, entrepreneurs do create wealth. In fact, entrepreneurs are the group that actually creates wealth in its truest sense. Wealth is created […]

Since long time a car that I really like Yes, it is a luxury car. Yet, there is nothing wrong with it. It’s an all electric car with a great deal of environmentally friendly materials. If the next generation entrepreneurs like this car as the trophy for building millions of jobs in emerging and developing […]

It will become an interesting year in very many ways. I feel there are three challenges worth mentioning for 2019 * Intensifying economic challenges across the world * Stress factor technological challenges rising * Socio-Political challenges to deal with the global development Let me shed some light on those challenges. Intensifying economic challenges across the […]