This was an interesting Question on Quora: Do entrepreneurs really “create wealth”? The money they earn already exists beforehand and would have gone to other pockets. That’s not “wealth creation” but “wealth changing hands” Yes, entrepreneurs do create wealth. In fact, entrepreneurs are the group that actually create wealth in its most truest sense. Wealth is […]

Since long time a car that I really like Yes, it is a luxury car. Yet, there is nothing wrong with it. It’s an all electric car with a great deal of environmentally friendly materials. If the next generation entrepreneurs like this car as the trophy for building millions of jobs in emerging and developing […]

It will become an interesting year in very many ways. I feel there are three challenges worth mentioning for 2019 * Intensifying economic challenges across the world * Stress factor technological challenges rising * Socio-Political challenges to deal with the global development Let me shed some light on those challenges. Intensifying economic challenges across the […]

Advanced Entrepreneurship OK,  you’ve had an idea, you filled in your business model canvas template, wrote a business plan using other templates, you experimented with all kinds of ideas and ways to run your startup. You probably pivoted many times and did everything you learned at school. Great. Now trough all this away and start […]

The recent cryptocurrency development had put a serious dent in the crypto space. The bubble is clearly burst — very clearly. Speculative investors took quite a hit and the money flow from unknown and possibly dubious sources is drying out. What looks like a disaster to some is a very welcome clearance to others. I’m a Crypto […]

Technological – Business – Societal  – Impact Development Timeline The era of AMs – Autonomous Machines 2020 – 2025 We will see a rising number of products mainly chat bots, entering our day to day world. At the same time the work on “General AI” will be intensified and we are getting better and better results – […]