Neben unserem Haus ist ein Kindergarten. Da wird geschrien gestürzt, gemalt, dummes Zeig gemacht. Dann geen sie zur Schule da wird ruhing gesessen, manmuss aufpassen und tun was Lehrer sagen. Später im Gymnasium oder wie auch immer es heute heisst muss viel gelernt werden. bis es einem zum Hals rauss hängt. Learn & Repeat ist die Zauberformel. we das gut mach, learn and repaet darf auf die Universität. Da wird wissen vermittelt das ca. 20 – 50 Jahre alt ist. Learn & Repaet bleibt die Zauberformel. Und wenn due Pädagoge werden willst wird das Wissen von vor 800 Jahren vermittelt.. Man hat zwei Menschen typen gebraucht “Worker und Warrior” Warrior werden im Krieg verheizt, brauchen dafür weniger lernen. Worker müssen lernen Häuser zu bauen Brot zu backen, das Feld zu bestellen und Steuern bezahlen. Als die Häuser grösser und kmplizierter wurden wurde Mathematik und Geometrie gelernt. Krankheiten haben dazu beigetragen Medizin zu lernen. Schwierigere Kriege dass wir maschienen bauen. Dann gab und gibt es Privatschulen für die Könige. Heute noch für ein paar Kinder die Glück mit ihren Eltern haben. Die Abgänger werden meistens verachtet weil sie versagen, nicht auf die Universitäten gehen sonder ihr Leben selbst in die Hand nehmen. Ich bin ein Merzschüler, gefeuert, versagt, Aber habe nie aufgehöhrt nur und ausschliesslih für mich zu lernen, Habe 4 Unternehmen gegründet tausende von Mitarbeitern eingestellt und immer diejenigen bevorzugt die ihr Leben schon als jugendliche selbst bestimmt haben – sie waren Teil unseres Erfolges. Sie waren die besten. 2003 haben wir in unsreren Job Anzeigen geschrieben: “Don’t send us a resume – tell us how you will help shape the future.” Was hat das mit Dir zu tun? Wer mit 20 ausbricht ist ein Versager, wer mit 30 ausbricht ist ein Spinner, wer mit 40 ausbricht ist in der Mid-live Crysis. Wer mit 50 ausbricht ist selten wer mit 60 ausbricht ist mutig aber da ist es e’ schon egal. :) Egal wann du ausbrichst du kannst nicht verlieren. Es gibt nur eien Weg ultimative und für immer zu verlieren: Es nie probiert zu haben.

Warum ist das was viele schon lange vor uns wussten, HEUTE SO WICHTG? In der Zukunft werden wir die Workers & Warriors nicht mehr brachen. Sie waren das Fundament auf dem wir heute stehen. Aber der Automatisierungsgrad wächst unveränderlich weiter. Innovation baut auf Innovation und wir werden millinen von “Innovatoren” brauchen um die milliarden von kleinen problem zu lösen ud die probleme die wir noch kreieren wieder zu fixen.

If you have children don’t stay where you are because of your children, break out because of your children. You will feel guilty if you don’t teach them what 20,000 hours of education don’t even touch: How to become successful for yourself, how to develop wealth for yourself and how you keep learning for the rest of your life.

Happy 2021

Since long time a car that I really like
Yes, it is a luxury car. Yet, there is nothing wrong with it. It’s an all electric car with a great deal of environmentally friendly materials. If the next generation entrepreneurs like this car as the trophy for building millions of jobs in emerging and developing countries, they more then deserve a bonus like that. Gorden Wagener @WagenerGorden is the man. He and his amazing team made it happen. Now I only hope the the company is bold enough to make a new history with this car. It’s a hybrid – no not hybrid engine, it’s a future luxury design car with a future sustainability architecture in mind.  Give the team a round of applause.


Advanced Entrepreneurship

OK,  you’ve had an idea, you filled in your business model canvas template, wrote a business plan using other templates, you experimented with all kinds of ideas and ways to run your startup. You probably pivoted many times and did everything you learned at school. Great.

Now trough all this away and start building your real businesses. Create a highly compelling vision that attracts top talents you would never get otherwise, attract customers and partners and also investors. Create a robust and disrupting business model followed by an aggressive go-to-market strategy. Stop pivoting, Drive an insane growth curve at all cost – speed is more important than perfection. Disrupt yourself and everything all the helpful instructors and mentors told you. Welcome to advanced entrepreneurship.

Enjoy this podcast – advanced Entrepreneurship in 20 Minutes.

I was struct the other day when I looked at the ways how AlphaGO, the GO playing AI based computer is actually working. It immediately resonated with a thought that I had years ago about the human imperfection and its results.

Now – GO is a game that is over 1,000 years old not really really complex but its permutation of moves is said to be larger than we have atoms in the observable universe. Well not sure this is really ‘accurate’ but it gives us the idea.

Related image

Image by Google Deepmind

In order to play GO a computer would need until the end of time to calculate every possible move. In order to solve this puzzle, alphaGo went through a series of more obvious moves, then calculated the probability to win for each move and took the one with the highest probability. Far from being perfect but a reasonable way. But this has HUGE implications. It now tells us that some actions of any computer that could not be computed to perfection, are possible but with a certain degree of imperfection.

Imperfection as a result of time

If we let a computer draw a realistic 3D image of the observable Universe we have two options. Making it accurate and have it ready for future generations in a thousand years or so. Or make it pretty realistic and have us look at it in a few months. Obviously the one we can actually look at would not be perfect but pretty OK.

I guess we have to make ourselves familiar with imperfection far beyond seeing it as a failure or error. Humans are imperfect. But that imperfection is actually a quality. It is the quality life itself has defined. Evolution, mutation and variance is a result of imperfection or vice versa. A perfect human would either be alone or has billions of exact copies, no more development. It would make absolutely no sense. So if imperfection is the root cause of evolution or the other way around is interesting because we will end of with an instant existence of a perfect “whatever”. But that is not possible. Imperfection is actually the very basis why we EXIST. We are on a trajectory of an evolution seeking perfection. And now learning that imperfection is not only the starting point but part of our evolution all along.

The best way to learn is making mistakes. ‘Fail and fail fast’ is a saying every entrepreneur knows. A piece of software that works immediately after the first test is the most uncomfortable feeling for the software developer. Imperfection is the hand rail of our forward trajectory. I guess we need to learn way more about imperfection to better comprehend its full implication.



Take five chimpanzees. Put them in a big cage. Suspend some bananas from the roof of the cage and provide the chimpanzees with a stepladder. NOW – add a proximity detector, so that when a chimp goes near the banana, a water hose opens and the whole cage is thoroughly soaked.

Soon, the chimps learn that the bananas and the stepladder are best ignored.

Now remove one chimp, and replace it with a fresh one. That chimp knows nothing about the hoses. He sees the banana, notices the stepladder, and because he is a smart primate, he envisions himself stepping on the stepladder to reach the bananas. The moment he is trying to grab the stepladder… the four other chimps spring on him and beat him squarely. He soon learns to ignore the stepladder.

Then, remove another chimp and replace it with a fresh one. The scenario occurs again; when he grabs the stepladder, he gets mauled by the four other chimps — yes, including the previous “fresh” chimp. He has integrated the notion of “thou shall not touch the stepladder”.

Iterate. After some operations, you have five chimps who are ready to punch any chimp who would dare touching the stepladder — and none of them knows why.

  • We fight against same sex marriage, only because we get beaten from somebody who is telling us that this is bad.
  • We send our sons and daughters to war only because somebody telling us that war is for freedom – even if 100,000 die
  • We buy products on black Friday because somebody tells us: that day things which are otherwise more expensive are now magically cheap
  • We support “No child left behind”, not even wondering if now all children are behind

We don’t like the nay sayer (and I do too) but is there a risk to become too much of a follower?

There are people who live to fulfill their bucket list – I live to keep adding to it :)

My Bucket list part 1 (Done)

Ski down at least 5 different black slopes in the Alps
Build my own house
Own a Yacht
Write a book
Plant a tree
Have kids
See them do what they want to do
Become a CEO of my own company
Drive to Monaco in my own Ferrari
Drive an original BMW M1 through Switzerland
Sail down the pacific west coast
Fly over the crater of Mt. Kilimanjaro
Stay for a few days in a camp in Masai Mara National Park
Catch a snake
Travel with my best friends and go crazy
Camel back ride into Sahara and stay one night in the desert
Travel around the glob
Have the wildest nights I can imagine
Windsurf on a lake of ice sheets
See all my kids completely autonomous and do what they love to do
Travel the US by car from coast to coast and back
Have Kanguruh filet in Australia
Become a millionaire

My Bucket list part 2 (Still open)

Sail through Panama Canal
Sail through the entire Mediterranean sea for one year
Turn much older than anybody can believe today
Have a sea food feast on board XeeOne with my wife in the carribean
Make a movie
Help one entrepreneur a year to fulfill his or her dream
Having lived for a while on every continent
Design and architect an all new house
Have a great bottle of wine in Bordeaux
Mary my wife in 2020
Never really be a grown-up
Build an institution helping others to be as successful as they can imagine
Never stop adding to this list :)


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Black Friday starts and people get in lines for hours, trample other to death and buy stuff they don’t need – all because they believe they get a deal of a life time.
50% off has many meanings:
1) That shop is ripping you off the rest of the year
2) It was produced to be 50% of the original quality
3) The product is so bad no one else wants it
4) They added 100% to give 50%
and probably a few other meanings. Read more

If you find typos or grammar mistakes, you can keep them :)

Cna yuo raed tihs?

Olny 55 plepoe out of 100 can.

I cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht I was rdanieg.The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid, aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it dseno’t mtaetr in waht oerdr the ltteres in a wrod are,the olny iproamtnt tihng is taht the frsit and lsat ltteer be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and you can sitll raed it whotuit apboerlm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef,but the wrod as a wlohe. Azanmig huh? yaeh and I awlyas tghuot slpeling was ipmorantt! if you can raed tihs you unredtsand erevyithng esle I write.

If you cannot read it, no worries. You will rarely see such a piece of content, but maybe find my mistakes negligible. :)

Knöenn sie das lseen?

Nur 55 przonet knönen es tataäclhich lesen

Ich knnote es nchit guaulben als ich es zum ertsen mal gleeesn hbae. Es war auf eglinsch und ich hbae es heir aufs dteusche üerbtsezt. Zuästzlchie eschrwenriss für den rechstscheirb faantkier: hpautrwöter hbae ich keiln gscherbieen – totrzedm kien pobrelm.

Die phomeennale lsteigsufäghkieit usrenes gherins, wie in eienr fschorugnsraebit der Cmabrigde Uinervtisy bschireeben, elaubrt es uns tetxe wie disee zu lseen acuh wnen die bstuchaben alle vedrehrt snid. Das eiznig wchiitge ist dass leidlgilch der afanngs und ednbchutasbe rchitig palietzrt sind. Der rset kann kploemtt vderreht sien und doch knnöen es die mhereiht der meschnen es leesn. Es liegt draan dass das mschneliche ghiren nicht bchuastbe für bsuchtabe lsiet sodner gazne wröter als sloche. Uglnaulbich oder?

Gnaz bsonedres itneraessnt wedren es deijneigen fniden die scih üebr jdeen rchetscheirbfheler aurgrfen. Und heir ist der gurnd: Slchoe lseer hbaen mseit wneig inetrssee am ihnlat und snid sher auf die scheirbwseie foukseirt. Das wdieeurm knan dneen die ihnalte tanrsprotieern wlloen rleatvie eagl sien. :)

Wenn Sie es nicht lesen können, ist es auch kein Problem. So einen Text werden Sie nur sehr selten finden, aber vielleicht meine Schreibfehler als vernachlässigbar ansehen. :)

End of the last century, we moved to California. My verbal English was OK, but my writing was not. But I have to admit that my German is not much better and nor is my French. My Latin is pretty rusty too, and so is my Italian.

Albert Einstein, a Swiss guy you may have heard of, also once was dismissed because of his bad grammar. Some people are very good at art, math, abstract thinking, visionary, handy craftwork… the writing was never my strength.

It is not a lack of respect for the audience, but a lack of brain cells focused on grammatical accuracy. I would never consider myself a professional writer – despite the fact I published two books.

I had to decide:
A) I hire a public relations professional who does my writing and prepare my speeches

B) I accept to be dismissed by some but remain authentic for the others.

I decided on the latter one for one reason: It was the suggestion of the most relevant readers of my blog.

My wife suggested: Those who find a mistake should be allowed to keep it ;)

I’m not a sociologist yet very engaged in the field through my social media work since many years – see me post how I got involved. I noticed a significant development that I want to share with you.

Our society is experiencing one of the greatest evolutionary steps in human history

Society_1~3,000 BC. About 5,000 years ago for the first time mankind evolved into a society. Egypt was the birthplace of a society never seen before. Cities were built, trade was created and business developed like never before.

Society_2~ 1,800 AD. About 200 years ago mankind went through yet another dramatic change bigger and faster than any change before: Industrialization. Technology came into our everyday lives, transportation of goods and people around the world was all of a sudden possible. Financial wealth of an average worker was as great as a kings rich several hundred years ago. We doubled average live expectancy and cut work load in half. We created technology that wasn’t even part of the most remote fictions. In just 200 years we changed the face of earth more than in the 50,000 years before that.

Society_3~ 2010 AD. We already see early signs for yet another dramatic change. This time it is not trade development or technology but a major social shift. In the next 2-5 years our economy will be affected by that change more than through technology in the past. “Democratization of influence” accessibility to nearly “Omnipresent connectedness” and “Direct Access to Experience” (not only expertise) is providing our modern society a tectonic shift that, in my opinion, has an equal magnitude than our technology development a few hundred years ago. Almost everybody can gain “connections” that just a few years ago was a privilege of  the top educated people or best connected business executives just 5 years ago. We already experience that business negotiation on all levels change faster than many people realize. Our society is on the verge to yet another major change.

Social Capital Development

While “connections” were a rare privilege for the top 10,000 people in the world, “connections” become a commodity. While trust was an attribute of a person to person relationship, trust will have a new dimension in just the very near future. The most fascinating aspect of this change can be seen in twitter and active social communities. Generation Y is not only much faster in SMS and IMing messages, that generation developed a sense for the relationships they develop, not existing in the older generations. People 30 and older mostly need personal face to face meetings to judge and understand the social relationships they are having. They need to reed the body language in a negotiation in order to navigate their behavior. That is limiting those people to only a small range of connections and a very limited number of negotiations. British anthropologist Robin Dunbar introduced “Dunbar’s number” and assumed that our neocortex is responsible for limiting social relationships to about 150. But since the invention of the wheel – mankind is not giving up because of any physical or now social limitations.

From overcoming physical limitations to overcome social limitations

The industrial revolution was essentially about overcoming our physical limitations. What began in Europe in the late 1700’s spread like wildfire over most parts of the western world. With the process of overcomming our social militations (Dunbar’s Number) this time the revolution started in the US and has the potential to radically change the face of our society. Not only that tools will allow us to maintain 10 times as many relationships, our social evolution will help us develop the skills to use those tools to make those substantiually bigger number of relationships as deep and valualble as the small numbers we were limited to before.

The new social divide

We had the two or three class societies in the past. And it looks like that class building is a law in nature. Despite our effort to help all people in our respective cultures to equally thrive. Nature seem to keep a balance through classes and continues to stick to it’s “survival of the fittest”  rule. The Social Revolution is no difference. While companies, teams and individuals thrive by applying the new tools and develop a new attitude and behavioral pattern – many stick to the old paradigm, argue that nothing is new and it will go away. The biggest difference to the past revolutions in technology is that this evolution is not a piece of equipment somebody can buy – even later in the game. A person who rejected the use of a computer for the longest time, can buy a computer today, take a few lessons and use it. In contrast to a person who rejected the idea of social media, who can create a profile at any given time but that doesn’t give that person a social network, that person has to build it. That person can’t just buy reputation or trust – it needs to be built over time. That person can’t just buy a history of contribution to the social ecosystem – whether it’s good or bad – it’s not even possible. The new social divide is just about to develop and will widen in the next 5 years. And like the technology divide in the early 1900’s The social divide will affect not only individuals but the companies those individuals are working with.

The Next Value Shift

Anything money can’t buy has become an invaluable asset. So far we only know true love and time. Everything else can be purchased, if not now then we can at least imagine we will be able to buy it soon, like health. No connectedness and reputation are other things we can’t buy. And as I pointed out above it is gaining significantly in value.  As we understood that time is money we will recognize that online reputation is money too. What does that mean? Very simply speaking: Money is getting quite a competition. Now money was a big deal because it changed the way we were able to trade things. But with time and reputation coming in we simply have alternatives to trade things. Today this may sound very scifi or esoteric – but that’s no different than telling people in 2003 when we started with LinkedIn that LinkedIn will rule large parts of the business network world.


Yahoo is up for sale. Microsoft has a tradition: You mess with them twice they never talk to you a third time. Would Google buy Yahoo? No. Who else? SAP? Not a fit, not happening. Oracle? Hmmmm – let’s think about that one.

Oracle just bought Sun and turning Sun into a cloud computing power house. Probably rearrange the software part, integrating professional services, shutting down MySQL, and decommissioning the hardware box sales over time.

Now – Oracle is thinking Social-CRM, they have a cool online community, they are very much SaaS and Web 2.0 aware (even if they don’t produce yet). While maintaining their existing enterprise business, they will migrate carefully into the networked world – built from ground up on: yes, their own cloud.

The first meaningful application: Search. A search server farm is a cloud on its own. So here is a fit too. Oracle is bold and crazy enough to pull this off.

Oracle could even become the SaaS, Search, Social Web cloud provider for their own acquisitions plus the rest who is out there.

The benefit for the users? Huge. Oracle is the last company that would build an advertising based business model. Hence search may become a whole new user experience.

Search is over 10 years old and there was zero progress for the user – only for the advertiser. We still struggle with 10,000,000,000 search results generated in 0.0007 seconds. We still have no structured search, we still have no geo based search, we still have no social search, we still have no crowed search, we still have no ranking, selection or filter based search, we still have no…. – Simply there is zero evolution in the single most used software application on the planet. Right?

I would even pay 10$ per year for a search that does a good job. With a billion users that is $10 Billion per year.

And that is just the obvious beginning….

Strike – done – we will see.

Axel Schultze

With the beginning of the new year and changes in the blog software I’m experimenting with a new Blog for Xeequa and updating this blog. The new software for Blogger is pretty cool – B U T as I converted it to the new format I guess I lost a lot of the old customizations such as the Technorati Links, Feedburner Links etc. Oh well…

Please visit also my new blog which is

Wow – 2 month through the US from coast to coast. Yes, this was a very educational, interesting and relaxing tour. Never in my live I had 2 month off – and yes it is hard to get back into business mode. On the other hand this was so helpful to better understand the country, the diverse cultures, peoples, challenges and opportunities. We came back thinking “California is an island”.

Software as a Service is big – in California. But in the rest of the US? We talked probably to more than 100 different folks in Bed & Breakfasts, Hotels, Motels, Restaurants, Gas Stations, Supermarkets, in Parks or elsewhere – not a single person had an idea what Software as a Service is. Hmmm – so how are we doing in terms of SaaS marketing?

We visited computer stores: “What is hot these days?” “Multimedia in any way or shape.” Videos, photos, MP3… Any business around Internet? Cable Modems, better screens, faster machines, a laptop for grandpa. On software? Antivirus programs. Microsoft? Hmm don’t know nothing hot.

Now we are back and totally recharged