Books by Axel

I love reading – but even more writing

Books by Axel reflect his way of life. He liked car races – but only if he is racing himself. He rarely watched ski competitions but loved to ski himself. He likes to listen to great discussions he can learn from, but more so to discuss great topics with the smartest people in the world. He is an entrepreneur and business builder, but never started a consulting company to advice others. Axel’s books are full of experiences that others can understand and take inspirations for their own business cases.

Entrepreneur’s DNA

What is it that makes an entrepreneur an an entrepreneur?

ENTREPRENEUR’s DNA  takes quite a radical view on the core success pattern of entrepreneurs. With only 0.007% of the population, entrepreneurs are a very rare species. The book describes mainly the development of an entrepreneurial mindset, what made most of the top companies so successful, leadership aspects of successful founders, and why those entrepreneurs usually are multi-millionaires after the first 5 to 7 years after founding.

The book is expected to be published in 2025

Leading by Innovations

A 360° view of Innovation

Axels Books - Management by Innovation

LEADING BY INNOVATION gives stunning insights, into successful innovation leadership, its methods, examples, and guidance to create breakthrough innovation. The author, Axel Schultze draws from his own experiences from exchange with top innovators, from the startup performance he had in his accelerator programs. and latest discoveries in neuroscience. He has over 20 years of experience with innovative and disruptive business creation as a Silicon Valley entrepreneur himself and as startup mentor and investor to nearly thousand companies from over 30 nations on all continents. Provocative and inspiring: Whatever somebody imagines can be created – Now you know why and how!

Available in summer 2023

Art Of Peace

A strategy to make and maintain peace

Axels Books: Art of Peace - strategy to make and maintain peace

ART OF PEACE was written to provide a counter balance to “Art of War”. It is not about being nice to each other, but a strategy and model to make and maintain peace. It reveals insights and provides guidance to identify wars in preparation, the mechanics of war propaganda, destabilization of other nations and so forth. The focus however is to prepare a peace-embracing nation and what it takes to get there. Many of the requests to be recognized as a peace embracing nation seem to be obvious, but even today’s most peaceful nations do not meet the requirements. Is it peace a phantasy? Not at all but it is a far more complex process than most can imagine. The strategy was created by using latest Neuro Innovation Techniques. The result is a model that every country on earth could follow.

Available now on Amazon

Channel Excellence

Building a highly competitive indirect sales channel

CHANNEL EXCELLENCE reveals insights and provides guidance to leverage global partner networks. The author, Axel Schultze, has over 20 years experience in national and global channel sales development and built one of the largest high tech distribution channels in the world. He describes the core of channel economics and 25 best practices based methodologies including channel strategies, partner recruitment, partner development, partner programs, channel sales & marketing and more. The author interviewed and worked with the most influential channel architects around the world and describes the most important stages in indirect sales to create a leading partner network. In this 2nd Edition the book finishes with a highly provoking “Zero Margin Distribution” model, the most disruptive business model since the existing of distribution. The author’s provocative request: Don’t confuse your sales model. Sell exclusively direct or exclusively indirect!

Available on Amazon

Bubble Memory

Magnetic bubble memory Technology, explained

MAGNETIC BUBBLE MEMORY TECHNOLOGY was my very first book, written while I was product manager for Bubble Memory Technology at Rockwell International. The technology was used in the Space Shuttle and other NASA projects. But it was soon replaced by silicon-based nonvolatile memory chips. The book was published in 1981 and is no longer available.

No longer available

Books by Axel

May not be always very easy to read but are definitely authentic.

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