Axel Schultze

Founder of the World Innovations Forum (2017)

A highly engaging executive, profound entrepreneurial and leadership experience, an undisputed visionary, always thinking beyond the immediate impact but long term global implications of any of the technology evolution he touched.

“I enjoy the fact that I have no more than 7 years experience in anything. more would be not helpful but most likely a waste of time.”

For the next 7 years I enter again a new experience world, the world of Artificial Intelligence and autonomous machines. Like technology revolutions before it will – again – change our lives more radical than anything before.


Axel Schultze is founder of the World Innovations Forum Foundation. He was a very successful four times entrepreneur with four exits up to 9 digit figures, one IPO, a published author, patent holder, was named one of the globally most influential startup accelerators in 2015, won the SF Entrepreneur Award in 2008, chaired a Software and Information Industry Association, was an early adviser of LinkedIn in 2003 one of the first executives authoring a blog in 2003. Axel is an undisputed visionary looking for global impact.

Full biography

Axel Schultze is founder and on the Board of Trustees of the World Innovations Forum Foundation, a Swiss based Innovation & Entrepreneurship development NGO with representation in multiple countries. After retirement, founded of the Society3 Accelerator, helping young entrepreneurs to grow beyond the average. Prior to that he was a 4 times entrepreneur, founder and CEO of Silicon Valley based BlueRoads, one of the most successful Channel Management Software companies. In the late 90’s ee created the world’s first equity crowdfunding platform webstock. With the inception of the Internet,  he was founder and CEO of Infinigate one of the largest IT Cyber Security provider in Europe, (today over $500 Million in revenue). In 1983 he founded  Computer 2000, the most successful European computer distributor, which grew to $5 Billion in revenue and merged with TechData in 1998.

Axel Schultze is also a published author, was granted patent 9514997 for lead management, by the US Patent Office, was named one of the globally most influential startup accelerators in 2015, won the SF Entrepreneur Award in 2008, chaired the SaaS Channel Committee at the SIIA, was an early adviser of LinkedIn in 2003 one of the first executives authoring a blog.

Areas of Expertise

Axel Schultze was founding, scaling and successfully exiting four companies, the biggest grew to $5 Billion in revenue. Thereafter he and his wife began helping approximately a thousand entrepreneurs from 30+ countries, to learn thinking innovative and build successful businesses as well. His main ares of expertise are considered Innovation and entrepreneurship with a rare to find depth and width. By applying his knowledge to economic development in developing countries he gained another deep experience in building self-propelled economies.


In 1983 he disrupted the then current distribution model by creating a business model that exclusively sold through authorized sales partners. What’s standard today was perceived to be impossible back then. His startup, Computer 2000 bypassed soon multi hundred million $ international distributors with only $25,000 seed capital. 10 years later Computer 2000 grew to $5 Billion in revenue, by far the largest technology distributor in Europe and the third largest in the world. In 1997 he built the first digital stock exchange and was the first to bring the concept of disruption to the financial services industry. Living most of his entrepreneurial live in Silicon Valley, he became a top expert in entrepreneurship.

Today he helps entrepreneurs from startups, mid market businesses to enterprise executives around the world to apply innovative thinking models and methodical ways to disruption. In his latest Book, “Innovations Paradog”, he shares detailed views about how to think innovative, how to create innovation ecosystems and bringing innovations to global markets.


Living in a “4.0-World” it reaches all economies, developed or developing. With his deep understanding of the innovation space, he connected innovative thinking with economic development and developed highly effective entrepreneurship programs creating an exceptional Impact effectiveness. It not only accelerates young entrepreneurs to clearly better results, it shows also why the traditional development aid to help developing countries actually could not work. At the same times shows the reason why Silicon Valley has such a pole position.

Speaking Engagements

Axel Schultze held countless keynotes and other speaking engagements. Here are some of the TV and Keynote speech engagements:

Opening Keynote at Techfest Vietnam, 2019

TEDx Talk, University of Arts and Applied Science Lucerne, 2019

Keynotes, at various entrepreneurship events in Asia, 2018

Keynote, World Tourism Forum, Lucerne, 2017

Keynote, HighTech Venture Days, Dresden, 2015

Panelist, Munich Startup Festival 2015

Panelist, Capitals Business Circle, Berlin, 2014

Keynote, Thought Leadership Live, Palo Alto, CA 2014

Keynote, IOT Conference, San Francisco, CA 2014

Keynote, Silicon Valley Crowdfunding, San Mateo, CA 2013

Keynote at Digital Agenda 2012, Brussels – European Commission, 2012

Keynote at ITAC 2010, Melbourne, Australia, 2010

TV Interviews at Bloomberg, 1998

Keynote at Microsoft Partner conference, 1997

Countless speeches and keynotes at tech conferences

Engaging Axel

Keynote, Panelist

Global economy development, Economic growth aid for developing and emerging countries, All aspects of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Innovations Paradigm, Innovative Thinking, Venture Investing, Artificial Intelligence Impact, Global Distribution

Financial Controller Academy Gauting
Controllers Diploma

Management School Bad Harzburg
Marketing Strategies

University of Stuttgart / Institute for Plasma Physics
Electronic Engineering


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