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The act of invention is only the beginning of an entire innovation cycle. At the initial stage a patent only cost money. But the actual invention is that critical spark, for the whole innovation to come.


Innovative thinking is an art and a science. Everybody can learn it but it requires an all new discipline to practice. Openness and the ability to observe and listen is mandatory.


The value of innovation grows with the volume of its distribution. The more people can experience a benefit from an innovation, the higher its value for inventor, population and society.


Innovation is an act of extreme creativity. It can’t be dictated or enforced. An innovative culture is the best seeding ground for successful innovation.


Successful innovations typically requires a whole series of STAKEHOLDERS such as talents, investors, service providers, distribution channels as well as innovation friendly legislation, taxation, and infrastructure.

Book Introduction

Est. availability September 2019

Corporations and most governments invest billions in the act of invention. Innovation is mainly understood as invention. Almost anywhere in the world, the focus is on the technology and product side. Innovation = innovative product. Not so in the epicenter of innovation: Silicon Valley. That region in Northern California with the highest innovation power on earth, has relatively speaking, the lowest investment in innovation building. Government grants in California are rarely seen and extremely meager if anything at all. Yes, there is a huge amount of money available for startups to grow amazing products. But that money is just NOT AT ALL available for the act of creation, it is almost exclusively available to finance growth – at a rate that would be considered ‘ridiculously unhealthy’ in the rest of the world. This book is not about the “secret of Silicon Valley” but the “secret of Innovation” and innovative thinking.



Sep 4, San Francisco, CA
Oct 24, Zürich, Switzerland
Nov 5, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Nov 12, Seoul, South Korea
Jan 14, Cannes, France


Startups and corporate innovation labs are in a race for more innovation, innovative solutions, and innovative business models.

The question remains:  How do you innovate?

This workshop gives rare insights in the inner workings of the most innovative businesses, where to get the innovative inspiration from, how to think innovative, where to start, what it takes to make an innovation successful. The workshop is conducted by Axel Schultze, a 4 times entrepreneur, who created disruptive technology (patented), twice a disruptive business model and a disruptive service.


  • The act of invention
  • Innovative thinking
  • Innovative culture development
  • The Innovations Paradigm
  • From innovation to disruption
  • Creating innovation at work
  • Working with Innovation canvases (14)

Complete Innovation Paradigm

The most important step in innovation:

Getting from the “Creation Hemisphere” to the “Value Hemisphere”
OR getting from the labs into global markets.