What to find here

You find musings about some key topics that captured my mind – now or in the past.


I enjoy the special luxury to spend a considerable amount of time on a multitude of very interesting topics. Most of my live I was laser sharp focused on one thing and one thing only – to maximize the possible success.

Nature is teaching us that specialization has the best chance to survive. On the other hand we learned that over specialized things will not survive. It is the middle way that has the most options in times where things change. My very special knowledge on Magnetic Bubble Memories has absolutely zero value today. And it it would have been all I know, I had a miserable live. It has always been my speed to adoption that gave me an edge over others.

And it was all along my goal, one day, to be able to spread myself thin on one side and gain an enormous breadth in return. However I have to say that almost all of my topics are inter related.