Change is probably the only constant in our universe. I truly enjoyed my 4 years at BR and especially the personal relationships I developed. Now I decided this is a good time for me to transition to the next phase of my life. I look forward to seeing BR achieve great success!

With Software as a Service gaining great momentum, our industry is changing radically. As Microsoft is joining the market with Dynamics CRM 3.0, the SaaS World will not only develop further but that development will accelerate. The top 6 SaaS CRM Players today in accordance to Forrester Research:, Siebel CRM OnDemand, RightNow, BlueRoads, NetSuite and Salesnet are leading the trend.

As one of the pioneers of the SaaS industry I see the biggest change not because of the new technology or delivery model, but the explosive usage. While CRM was an elite software for the Fortune 5,000 now 10 Million US or 65 Million world wide business can afford to better manage their customers. ERP is no longer a solution for the Fortune 500 but 10 Million world wide producers of any goods. Software as a Service will bring more change to our industry than PC software did when IBM and Microsoft introduced their solutions in 1982 and disrupted the Mini and Mainframe world. Roughly a billion PCs will use Software as a Service in the next 10 years one way or the other, partly or solely. This development requires massive change in the way we think about software.

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