And of course – in the typical spirit of Silicon Valley – here are some more predictions:

YouTube will have much more users then MySpace
Web 2.0 will enter the business world
LinkedIn will go public
Investments in traditional software will be next to nothing end of 07
– The number of Internet users: 1 Billion
will become the “number of the year” for all marketers
– World of Warcraft may be another IPO candidate
but may be purchased by Sony and runs on the “cell”
Xeequa will have more customers by end of 2007 than SFDC
(just kidding – but you get the ambition)
Second Life will become the leading virtual business party spot
– TV and print adds will further plunge to total none importance
– Relevance as measured by Technorati, Alexa and others
will become the market cap index for private companies

Let me know what you predict :-)

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