Empire Avenue has become very popular just recently. It’s a game that plays on ‘social capital’. It allows you to trade based on social capital by buying and selling shares of friends that are active in the social web.  The ‘market value’ or connection score of players is determined by the value they’re contributing to their social web including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr, YouTube, their blog and the engagement on the empire avenue site.

The value of a player’s shares is based on two factors: their activity and their audience size.  As each of these change, so does the value of a user’s shares, measured in ‘eaves’, the currency of the game.

Buying and selling

Buy shares like at the stock exchange:
Buy low and sell high. Keep those that have a bright future and sell the ones where the people are likely to be not very active.

Value Definition

Your value in EAve is based on your activities and your network size in Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. In other words the larger your network and the more activities you have, the higher your value or number per network.

For instance I have 61 on LinkedIn, 42 on Twitter and only 9 on Facebook right now. My Friend Robert Scoble for instance is just the other way around, he has 67 on Twitter and 21 on Facebbook. It simply indicates where we are playing and the value is shown differently.

Eaves to $

At the current stage it looks like 1 cent gets you approximately 20 Eaves. On the internal advertising side of the game, a page view is E 0.20 or a CPM of E200 or $0.10. The good news is that by growing your social capital, which translates in Eaves you can invest in advertising, which makes motivates to grow your capital and drives adoption for the game… Makes total sense, doesn’t it?

Social Capital

In the end it is all about social capital.

How to Increase Your Share Price

Get More Shareholders
Every time someone buys a share in you, your share price will go up! Encourage people to come join and buy your shares, promote your profile! Search for interests and people to invest in so you can promote yourself to them!
Improve your Social Media Interaction
A large part of your share price is made up of what you do both here on Empire Avenue and outside on the Social Networks you have connected. Have none connected? Go connect your networks! and look at your Stats Advisors! See below for specifics!
Facebook and Facebook Pages
Post items which get people to comment, like and share your posts. Increase your friends so that more people see the things you post.
Increase your audience: Get followers (but get good ones, “bots” or fake followers will not help your share price). Post Tweets that get people retweeting. Converse with people online using the @replies and more.
Empire Avenue
Get Shareholders and keep them! Participate in Empire Avenue Communities and create great discussions everywhere on the site. Promote your Empire Avenue Profile!
Flickr and YouTube
Post great content which others will view/watch, comment and thumb up! Increase the audience on each network, but make the audience relevant to you! Search for people on Empire Avenue!
Increase your LinkedIn professional network by creating good connections. Get recommended by great connections!
Connect your Blog RSS Feed to Empire Avenue! Post great content on your blog that gets viewers and comments. Get your blog endorsed by people on Empire Avenue

How to Increase Your Wealth

The money you can spend on Empire Avenue is called Eaves. You can check your Bank and balance here.

Get More Shareholders
Each time someone buys shares in you, you receive 50% of whatever they pay (this amount decreases as you become more sold, but it is the fastest way to get Eaves). You should invite friends and people you know and get them to buy your shares!
Invite Friends through your Referral Link
Every time someone joins through an Invite you send and connects a network like Facebook and Twitter, you both receive an extra 2,000e. You have a special referral link you can send on Facebook, Twitter or E-mail, or you can invite your contacts
Buy or Earn Eaves
Running out of Eaves? You can purchase more eaves to get those great investments and upgrades! Check out The Shop
Complete Achievements
Check out all the achievements. Every Achievement carries an Eaves reward. Easy ones include filling out your profile and connecting your social networks
Get Great “Dividends”
Every person you invest in will pay you a “dividend” of eaves once a day based on the activity they do online. Dividends are paid out per share you own.
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