There are people who live to fulfill their bucket list – I live to keep adding to it :)

My Bucket list part 1 (Done)

Ski down at least 5 different black slopes in the Alps
Build my own house
Own a Yacht
Write a book
Plant a tree
Have kids
See them do what they want to do
Become a CEO of my own company
Drive to Monaco in my own Ferrari
Drive an original BMW M1 through Switzerland
Sail down the pacific west coast
Fly over the crater of Mt. Kilimanjaro
Stay for a few days in a camp in Masai Mara National Park
Catch a snake
Travel with my best friends and go crazy
Camel back ride into Sahara and stay one night in the desert
Travel around the glob
Have the wildest nights I can imagine
Windsurf on a lake of ice sheets
See all my kids completely autonomous and do what they love to do
Travel the US by car from coast to coast and back
Have Kanguruh filet in Australia
Become a millionaire

My Bucket list part 2 (Still open)

Sail through Panama Canal
Sail through the entire Mediterranean sea for one year
Turn much older than anybody can believe today
Have a sea food feast on board XeeOne with my wife in the carribean
Make a movie
Help one entrepreneur a year to fulfill his or her dream
Having lived for a while on every continent
Design and architect an all new house
Have a great bottle of wine in Bordeaux
Mary my wife in 2020
Never really be a grown-up
Build an institution helping others to be as successful as they can imagine
Never stop adding to this list :)


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