When I first shared the idea of living to 180, my friends laughed at me and my kids rolled their eyes. It was indeed a crazy idea but there was way too much evidence of the possibility to not follow the thought.

Recently Forbes talked about “The First Person to Live to 150 Has Already Been Born” An insurance company posts the message on large bill boards and one of the early proponents of that idea revisited his own thoughts from just 10 years ago and believes that we may even reach 1,000 pretty quickly. He shared is new thoughts in a BBC interview.

Why is it so important – regardless if it is 150, 180 or 1,000?

The day you start thinking in those dimension you will fundamentally change your future!

If you are 50 and older, you most likely act very different than someone in his or her 30’s or 40’s. You may ask yourself how long you can do the job you do. You ask yourself if you are too old to do this or that. You may not invest in certain things because the ROI comes too late for you. You may no longer plant a tree because you fear you may be dead when he is in his full size. You may not start a new career because you think you retire before you actually make a career. All those sad, frustrating and demotivating thoughts will vanish away, when you begin to adopt the possibility that you may live to 150. Now 60 that means you have another 90 years to go. OK thinking in those dimensions is not easy and doesn’t come overnight but the quality of live is growing so phenomenally it is worth exploring the options. See you at New Years Eve in the year 2,100.






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