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The End Of Email

I blogged about it a few weeks ago in a different context. But I’d like to shed more light on the dieing email technology. Yes, yes, yes, It will live on for a long time – but it’s the end of it’s relevance – and therefor eventually die. My email account receives on average 36,000 […]

All social sites on your blog

It’s been messy to put all your social sites on your blog, your website, your email signature and worst of all – your business card. If you have a twitter account, you have only one URL to tell your friends where else they can connect with you. On your blog the same. Check out http://xeesm.com […]

Sorry – I unfollowed you

Since I started Twitter in 2007 I followed all kinds of people and over 25,000 followed and unfollowed me over time. I used other tools to get through the noise and a few weeks ago I started to unfollow. I am down at around 1,500 right now. Why 1,500? See further down – let me […]


Social Media Evolution

ComStar, a Cross Functional Organization Model and Strategy for Social Media engagement When companies begin to engage in social media they typically start in the marketing department with some rather tactical marketing campaigns. In those early models a large company either hired some social media “experts” to do the campaign or found some engaged people […]

Spoken Word

Silicon Valley Offline Social Get Together – July 21 Please join our friend Julie, who runs an awesome restaurant called Neumanalia in a less so obvious place for a great restaurant: Hayward, CA.Next week Tuesday – July 21, 2009 | 7:30 – 10:00 PMFrench / American Cuisine!!!Spoken Word Need a chance to express yourself? Want […]

Your Twitter Profile Sucks

Too many people wonder why their followership doesn’t work too well, get unfollowed or not followed in the first place. Starting with a good profile seems to be essential: 1) Give your account your real name 2) Have a photo up – any photo as long as it is YOU 3) Point people to your […]


Social Site Manager

We are starting a new service today: XeeSM.com Share all your social network locations through a single URL. Try it for free: Http://xeesm.com/ Get a low user ID Did you ever had these issues:– Like to get more than one URL into Twitter?– Wonder how many places to list on your email signature?– Need to […]

The Oracle – Yahoo Deal

Yahoo is up for sale. Microsoft has a tradition: You mess with them twice they never talk to you a third time. Would Google buy Yahoo? No. Who else? SAP? Not a fit, not happening. Oracle? Hmmmm – let’s think about that one. Oracle just bought Sun and turning Sun into a cloud computing power […]

FriendFeed grows

There is an interesting dynamic at friendfeed. I joined the service about a year ago. And used it as feeds aggregator. That was helpful so I could track less people than I have in my various networks but all together. Now FriendFeed has grown – big time. I can now use it as Microblog and […]